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Eco Friendly Wheat Straw
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Eco Friendly Wheat Straw - 

Wheat is a type of grain that’s most often used to make bread, flour or wheat-gluten. Wheat straw is what’s leftover once the wheat is harvested and using it in plastic production is an ideal zero-waste option.

The plastic is created by breaking down the cellulose the wheat straw contains. This process creates the opportunity to make different kinds of polymers. Polymers are large bonds formed by loose monomers that are strong and are used as building blocks to create a substance. Natural polymers are also found in our bodies, like our nails and hair.

Plastic is made from artificial polymers, but polymers created from wheat straw are fully natural.



  • 3 section detachable straw
  • come with straw brush
  • sliding box
  • Large logo printing area {great for branding exposure)
  • natural and biodegrable
  • light weight
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